Best Drill Press for Woodworking

Best Drill Press for Woodworking


Do you want to make the best of your woodworking and enjoy quality work at the same time? Then you should definitely consider a drilling press. A drill press is a machine that uses rotating hammers to propel metal drills. This allows you to create different holes in your workpiece. 

Having more control over these holes' position means that you can create a cleaner, more finished product while operating faster than traditional hand tools. That said, here are the best drill presses for woodworking:

Best Overall: DeWalt DWE1622K Drill Press 

DeWalt has been around for a long time, and their reputation precedes them. Let's see if the DWE1622K drill press leaves up to these standards;

The DWE1622K is a powerful machine for drilling and fastening metal, plastic, and wood. The clamping system is designed to work in conjunction with the table to ensure that the workpiece stays still while drilling. An additional safety hand brake button is provided on the front panel when operated by an electric motor to prevent accidental starting. 

The fully enclosed, cast-iron table has a 1/4" clearance between its spindle centerline and flooring material. It comes with high/low-speed switches and a variable speed motor that allow you to modify performance and comfort as required for your workpiece. 

The high-torque 10-amp motor is perfect for fast drilling and fastening. It also comes with;

  • A large, 4-position toggle switch to select from 1/2" to 1-1/4", from 1/4" to 3/8", or from 1/4" to 5/16"

  • An adjustable step angle for precise positioning 

  • Ergonomic push-button controls for precise adjustment of the table, the chuck, and the spindle's rotation

  • High-quality steel construction is both rigid and durable.

It boasts a powerful motor of 4100-Watts and weighs 91 pounds. The drill press is also designed with a large table, which makes it suitable for drilling larger holes and works very efficiently. Compared to other drill presses, this one has more features like an adjustable depth stop, movement lock, and vice tray.

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Why it stands out

Lightweight and compact, the DWE1622K drill is highly portable. Again, its lightweight nature makes it suitable for use in tricky corners. Besides, it's potent enough to drill steel. It also features an overload protection feature, a swift-change chuck system, and quick-release handles. 

The other thing that makes this beast stand out is the potent 10-amp motor that you can use with two speeds. 

DeWalt DWE1622K Pros and Cons


  • Easy and convenient operation
  • The overload protection feature ensures safety
  • High accuracy
  • Powerful 10-Amp motor


  • You can power on the drill without the magnet sticking, which isn't safe.


It offers a highly smooth and quiet operation due to the rubber-coated gears that reduce vibration. 

Rating by features 

Easy to assemble 4.6

Accuracy 3.8

Value for money 4.3

Runner-Up: WEN 4214 Drill Press 

Wen 4214 is a powerful, compact cordless drill press providing 1,500 RPM and 1,000-inch pounds of torque to help you make fine adjustments. Its soft start feature allows you to work on delicate or hard-to-reach areas while protecting your tool from running away. Or use its variable speed control to slice through rigid material without burning it up. 

I also hear you loud and clear regarding the high heat generated when using this machine – with an insulated body and enameled steel parts to keep it running cool, it's perfect for professionals committed to working efficiently.

This drill press has a heavy-duty cast-iron table and frame, which gives it that solid feel you’d expect from any high-quality tool. The Wen 4214 comes with a 3-Amp motor, which allows the user to control the workpiece's depth regarding length and width.

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Why it stands out 

The Wen 4214 drill press is ideal for woodworkers who occasionally work with metal. Again, it has sufficient power to drill through thinner metal sheets, though you shouldn't use it on hard metals. Also, it's an excellent all-around drill and user-friendly, making it ideal for both professional and beginner woodworkers. 

WEN 4214 Pros and Cons


  • Variable speeds 
  • Easy to assemble
  • Potent 3-Amp motor
  • Laser precision


  • You'll have to loosen the nut manually to tilt the table.


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Rating by features 

Built-in light 4.8

Value for money 4.6

Easy to assemble 4.7

Accuracy 4.4

Best Value: JET JDP-17 Drill Press 

The Jet JDP-17 is ideal for drilling holes and light metal work. This drill press is a big step up from the basic manual models you'll find at your local hardware store, and it's the best value I found. With a durable metal base that you can use to mount your projects on, this machine has a generous 2-HP motor that provides plenty of power for most drilling tasks. 

Drive adjustment is switched by the lever on top, allowing you to fine-tune the depth of your hole with additional precision. The included accessory tray comes with two workpieces, a lock nut binder, five 3/8-inch sockets, and five 1/4-inch sockets; accessories like grinders or deburring tools are available separately.

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This panel-type drill press is well suited for home enthusiasts or hobbyists looking for several things, including manual reverse, variable speed control, and a storage case that you can use to haul anywhere in your car workshop or garage.

Why it stands out 

This drill press is an effective machine sporting a hinged belt & pulley system as well as a swift-release table. The potent 9-Amp motor reaches speeds of up to 3500RPM, while the table tilt makes it perfect for newbie and professional woodworkers. It can as well do light metal drill work. 

JET JDP-17 Pros and Cons


  • Wide spindle range
  • Swift alignments thanks to the grooved table
  • Variable speeds


  • Chuck key is hard to use 


With the standard 17" chuck, this electric drill can handle a wide range of fasteners from 1/2" to 2" in size, plus many specialty tools. And with up to 500 lbs of maximum lift capacity and a 2-HP motor, you can handle any project you can imagine.

Rating by features 

Easy to assemble 5.0

Value for money 4.5

Accuracy 4.7

In Conclusion

Drill presses are a vital tool for use in any standard woodworking shop. You need to create accurate, straight entries into specific materials such as wood, plastic, or soft metals. There are a lot of reasons why people sometimes choose to purchase a drill press. However, it's usually because they are looking for a product that will always do its job and get them the accurate and professional results they want.

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