Best Chainsaw Mill

Best Chainsaw Mill

A complete sawmill can be effective, though it is normally too huge and costly for some people. This is where a chainsaw mill comes in; it takes all the handy features of a full-scale sawmill and incorporates them in a much smaller and more affordable package. 

My guide will review the best chainsaw mill on the market. I've included three best chainsaw mills that meet and surpass a long list of convenient features, including ease of use, impressive performance, and durability. 

Something else I considered was versatility, assembling, portability, and so much more! The chainsaw mills here will meet all these requirements and more. 

Here are the best chainsaw mills:

My Top Pick: Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

When it comes to demanding projects, if you just have to do it one or two times instead of 5 or more times, you'll save money, time, and energy, which is more efficient and less laborious.

An efficient portable chainsaw mill is the ideal portrayal of proficiency and convenience. Additionally, it is perfect if you reside in a secluded area that requires construction supplies but needs better transport infrastructure. 

For the best chainsaw mill, I present to you the Granberg G777 chainsaw mill. Here is what it has to offer:


Dimensions: 24 by 13 by 4 Inches 

Weight: 1.76 pounds 

Cutting ability: 0.5 to 13 inches thick and 17" wide.

Size of Bar: up to 20”

What I Like 

  • The anti-vibration system is highly convenient

  • This is a lightweight and portable chainsaw mill

  • The compact build allows it to bolt to a chainsaw without drilling. 

  • The steel build adds to the durability.

What I Don’t Like 

  • It makes rough cuts until you're conversant. 

Key Features 


First, this chainsaw is only compatible with gas chainsaws, so don't expect to utilize it with an electric-powered unit, whether battery-operated or corded. That said, you will require a very powerful chainsaw to take advantage of all the features the G777 chainsaw mill comes with. 

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It would be best to have at least 60cc, though the more power, the better your experience with this chainsaw mill since it will let you be more efficient and productive. 

For instance, I use the Norwood LumberMate with this chainsaw mill, and I'm still awed by its efficiency. It has a 429cc engine, which might sound like too much power, though a sawmill does need a lot of power to run. Another good option would be the Husqvarna 372 XP. 

You can always pick a smaller chainsaw, though the more compact it is, the slower it'll take to get the job done. 

Lightweight & Compact 

As pointed out, this is a portable chainsaw mill, thanks to its lightweight and compact nature. It is built to accommodate bars up to 20 inches in size and will link to most chainsaw bars without complications. 

However, smaller bars might be tricky to mount due to their narrow nature, though if your bar is 2.5 inches large or more, it will certainly fit. 


The manufacturer recommends using a ripping chain with the G777 unit, which I support. A ripping chain will prolong your chainsaw mill's lifespan, cut swiftly and leave behind a smooth workpiece. This also translates to less sanding afterward. Generally, ripping chains are manufactured for milling-related works. 

Having a sharp chain is something else you should take seriously when using the Granberg G777. Remember to consider a sharp chain's essential role in efficiency and safety. For instance, there is a high chance a dull chain will get stuck in the wood, which will be strenuous to remove. Also, this will interrupt your work. 


If you're experienced enough, you can sharpen the chain yourself; otherwise, you can hire a professional. 

Another consideration is purchasing a sawmill. This will significantly depend on your needs, but sometimes, a professional-grade machine will serve you better.

You can enhance the usability of the G777 unit by buying the slabbing brackets from Granberg; it’ll better your experience. These will make sure that the first cut you make is even. Normally, the first cut involves cutting the bark, known as the slab. Depending on your project, you can use this for kindling or as part of the construction material. 


The Granberg G777 chainsaw mill does not come with any accessories. 

Cost & Comparison 

The Granberg G777 unit goes for $150 to $250, which is affordable. Plus, it has a 4.6 out of 5 stars rating on Amazon. 

The most affordable option here is the Zchoutrade chainsaw mill, which costs $60 to $150, while the Timber-Tuff chainsaw mill is within the same price range as the G777. 


Zchoutrade Chainsaw Mill

Zchoutrade Chainsaw Mill

First, this is not only an affordable unit but also a compact and lightweight one. Besides, for the woodworker cutting live-edge lumber for making furniture or for other DIY projects, then this is the chainsaw mill you've been looking for. 

It can cut bars of 14 to 36 inches, a wider range than the G777's, and you can adjust it to make cuts with depths of 0.5 to 13 inches in thickness and 36 inches wide. This offers plenty of flexibility when you want to turn different wood types into lumber. 

It is built with steel and aluminum for optimal durability and is versatile enough to be used by beginners and serious DIYers. Like all other chainsaw mills, you'll get to appreciate this chainsaw mill when you use it with a potent chainsaw with a long and sharp blade. 

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On the downside, it weighs 15 pounds, over ten times what the G777 chainsaw mill weighs. 

Timber-Tuff TMW-56 Chainsaw Mill

Timber-Tuff TMW-56 Chainsaw Mill

This magnificent unit is available in different packages, though if you don't need the extra attachments, you purchase the chainsaw mill alone. It is built using heavy-duty steel for an extended lifespan, while the powder-coat varnish allows for corrosion resistant structure. This also makes it suitable for use in different weather conditions. 

The Timber-Tuff TMW sawmill offers adjustments of up to 2 by 6 In. boards allowing you to cut lumber of different sizes. Also, you can connect the sawmill guide to lumber and position it atop the wood you intend to cut. 

Using it differs from the other sawmills since it begins by guiding the chainsaw to cut by connecting it at a vertical placement. 

Why You Should Choose the Granberg G777 Chainsaw Mill

The Granberg G777 sawmill is a versatile, portable, and efficient chainsaw mill. Additionally, it is compatible with many chainsaws. Similarly, it is durable thanks to the steel construction, while the anti-vibration improves efficiency. 

On the other hand, it is slightly expensive, considering the Zchoutrade chainsaw miller is almost as good but significantly cheaper. Also, it would be best if you did a bit of practice before you can start making smooth cuts with it. Other than that, this is a worthy investment.

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