Best Air Compressors for Home Garage

Best Air Compressors for Home Garage


You're done setting up your dream garage, but is it really complete without an air compressor? 

Many air compressors are flooding the market, promising to meet all your needs and achieve garage efficiency. So, how do you choose the right one? The best air compressor for a home garage has to be user-friendly and reliable. 

An air compressor will come in handy in your garage in easing a few laborious tasks, which is why you should consider purchasing one. Here I'll review the best air compressors for the home garage to make the choosing process much easier for you.

Let's get started!

Best Overall: Craftsman 20-gallon CMXECXA0232043

Topping our list is this remarkable unit from Craftsman. At first glance, I noticed that the Craftsman CMXECXA0232043 has a compact build and a nice red color, which is appealing. Again, it looks like something you'd see in a garage with more demanding tasks. 

As it is a Craftsman product, you can automatically expect it to be dedicatedly designed for DIYers, and the proof is in its price tag. 

Regarding the features, this unit has a 20-gallon tank, delivering up to 5.0 CFM at 40 Psi, and at 90 Psi, you get 4.0 SCFM. Plus, it has a 175 PSI tank. For this reason, this magnificent device is an excellent pick for handling plenty of projects at home. Additionally, the large wheels, and huge adjustment knob for flow control, make it more versatile. 

Overall, this is an affordable and potent unit, thus the ideal air compressor for home garage use. 

Why it stands out 

This vertical air compressor is set apart by its huge tank capacity. While it also delivers 175 PSI air pressure, the high-capacity tank is what makes it stand out, allowing it to run for extended periods. Usually, the higher the tank capacity of a given compressor, the better the CFM delivered. 

With the proper pneumatic tools, you can effortlessly boost the CFM of this already efficient air compressor. For this reason, it is my top pick for the best air compressor for home garage. 

Craftsman 20-gallon Pros and Cons


  • It's affordable 
  • It has a pair of air hose ports 
  • Ideal for average to demanding tasks 
  • High capacity 20-gallon tank


  • Not as durable as you would expect from such a powerful unit 


This Craftsman 20-gallon has some downsides, like the fact that it operates at 80 decibels. While this might not seem like a lot of noise, it is enough to get your neighbors complaining. 

Rating by features 

Ease of use 3.0

Portability 4.4

Noise level 3.3

Maneuverability 4.1 

Runner-Up: DeWalt Pancake DWFP55126

DeWalt is infamous for manufacturing incredibly efficient and reliable products, and the DWFP55126 is no exception!

This Pancake air compressor is lightweight (32lbs) and thus highly portable. You won't have a hard time moving it from one place to another, which is very convenient. Besides, the pair of universal couplers let you finish your tasks quickly, as you can connect two tools simultaneously. 

With its 6-gallon tank, there's a lot of power to finish up your project, and at 90 PSI, this unit delivers 2.6 SCFM, providing you an extended run time and a brief recovery time. The brief recovery period simply means that this unit won't take long to refill and continue providing excellent service. 

The DWFP55126 came close to beating the Craftsman 20-gallon, especially since it's more lightweight and less noisy, though it's not as potent and won't offer you a long runtime. 

I appreciated the rather reduced noise level of 78.5 decibels. While this is slightly less than the 80 decibels produced by the Craftsman air compressor, it's loud enough to drive your neighbors nuts. 

Why it stands out 

The DWFP55126 air compressor is the ideal unit for you looking for an efficient compressor ideal for delicate tasks. It can handle sanding, nailing, light texturing, and tire inflation effortlessly. Besides, the second port facilitates using two tools at the same time. 

DeWalt  DWFP55126 Pros and Cons


  • The noise level falls within the recommended hearing range 
  • It's oil-free, thus calls for no maintenance 
  • It has a section for placing the cord when not in use
  • The twin nozzle attachments let you use two tools simultaneously


  • It doesn't offer a long runtime


The DWFP55126 air compressor is extremely user-friendly, and the well-labeled and shielded controls are an appreciated bonus. Plus, with this unit, you won't have to drain oil as it's entirely oil-free, which prolongs the pump's lifespan and makes it virtually maintenance-free.

Rating by features 

Lightweight 3.9

Portability 4.5

Noise level 3.9

Maneuverability 4.5 

Best Portability: Bostitch BTFP02012 Air Compressor 

Last on this review is the BTFP02012 air compressor, which offers excellent value for your money. 

Even though this unit has many features similar to the competitors’, the Bostitch BTFP02012 has a unique advantage. The compressor section is spacious; the dial knob, gauges, and hose outlets are situated at the top panel. 

At 30 lbs, this is the most lightweight air compressor in this review. Again, it sports a solid handle which makes moving it more convenient. Besides, the handle isn’t placed too low and fits different size hands. With this in mind, this unit can easily be your home garage air compressor. 

Its power rating is a bit low at 0.8 HP though the maximum output is 150 PSI. This allows you to use two tools like an average air wrench or a brad nailer. Additionally, it offers a short recovery time; thus, interruption won't be linked to low-pressure problems. 

Bostitch BTFP02012 Pros and Cons


  • While using one coupler, you won't have to cover the other since it seals automatically.
  • Works rather quietly at 78 Decibels 
  • The large ventilation allows the device to remain cool


  • Not as powerful as the DeWalt and Craftsman units 
  • Short power cord 


All the same, it has a few drawbacks like the short power cable, requiring you to work while close to a power outlet. That said, you could purchase an extension though this will reduce power output and, consequently, the final PSI delivered. 

Rating by features 

Noise level 3.6

Maneuverability 4.5 

Portability 4.5 

Why it stands out

This 6-gallon air compressor is the perfect pick for you looking to purchase a portable air compressor. As you can see, it is the most lightweight choice among the units we've reviewed. Its quality and performance are great, which is why it's an excellent choice in terms of value. 

In conclusion

The Craftsman 20-gallon unit is my top pick as the best air compressor for a home garage. It's robust enough to handle most light and demanding tasks. Moreover, it has a slim, compact design and a twin coupling mechanism, allowing you to operate two tools simultaneously. Lastly, it's affordable. What's not to love about it? 


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