Best Air Compressors for Air Tools

Best Air Compressors for Air Tools


An air compressor is an essential piece of machinery in your auto body shop. It's vital since it is the power source for many tools, including air hammers, sanders, sandblasters, impact wrenches, and grinders. 

Besides being an important device in your auto body shop, it also comes in handy for artisans such as woodworkers. As it's an important machine, it's crucial to choose the most suitable one, since when it comes to such machinery, there is no "one size fits all." 

That said, it might be frustrating to pick one with the intimidating number of air compressors on the market. Fortunately, I have reviewed the best air compressors for air tools, from their features and benefits to their ratings and why they stand out. 

Read on to find out more!

Best Overall: Stealth SAQ-12012 Air Compressor 

The Stealth SAQ-12018 leaves quite an impression in terms of power, and versatility, which is why it's at the top of this list. It features a 20-gallon tank fitted with rubber wheels for effortless portability. Besides, it recharges and refills within 70 seconds, which, to be honest, guarantees efficiency. 

With the 1.8 Hp motor and the oil-free twin piston pump, I found that this unit is a powerful high-performance air compressor that works excellently regardless of the task. The integrated twin piston pump is quiet compared to most units within its class, with the noise it produces standing at 68 decibels. 

Besides, this machinery will work efficiently regardless of the weather. Overall, this high-quality, durable, powerful, and effective air compressor is ideal for powering all your air tools without fail. 

Why it stands out 

The best thing about the SAQ-12018 air compressor is that it comes with a lifetime warranty. The manufacturer gives this generous warranty so that anytime you have an issue, you can request them to repair it. This air compressor is inexpensive and considering what it offers, it's excellent value for your money!

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Rating by features 

Maneuverability 4.6

Ease of use 4.9

Portability 4.5

Noise level 4.6 

Stealth SAQ-12012 Pros and Cons


  • Hushed operation
  • Impressive build considering its price tag 
  • Vertical tank 
  • High CFM for maximum efficiency


  • Quite heavy at 121 lbs. 


It delivers a maximum pressure of 150 PSI. At 40 PSI, you'll get 6 CFM, while at 90 PSI, it'll produce 5 CFM, letting you power a wide range of air tools, including hammer drills, grinders, and so many more!

Runner-Up: PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Air Compressor

This air compressor came close to beating the SAQ-12018 and is well capable of being a handy companion in your auto shop. 

It offers adjustable 90 to 150 PSI which ensures efficacy, with 90 being the lowest and 150 PSI being the highest. Again, it can deliver 120 PSI if you need more than 90 PSI and less than 150 PSI. 

Furthermore, it has a short recovery period when running at 90 PSI, which is essential regardless of your task. 

Something else I loved about this unit is that, like the SAQ-12018, it starts easily, even when it's cold. This might not be the case with some air compressors. This one operates using an AC power of 120V and manages to deliver outstanding results. 

Still, the biggest upside with machinery is its unmatched performance during cold weather. Again, it comes with a 25-feet power cord, which for me was a bit of an overkill. 

Lastly, this unit hinders leakages and reduces labor. The manufacturer was kind enough to consider the inconvenience of leakages and related work and took measures to ensure this doesn't happen. The plug and air coupler come in handy to hinder leaks and save up on labor. 

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Why it stands out

At only 30 lbs., this PORTER air compressor is highly portable, which is what makes it stand out. Besides, it also has a whooping 150 PSI that's adjustable, giving you more control over your projects. 

Ratings by feature 

Portability 4.5 

Accuracy 5.0 

Maneuverability 4.5

Lightweight 5.0 

PORTER-CABLE C2002-WK Pros and Cons


  • Pancake-style design with a 6-gallon tank
  • Adjustable PSI
  • Swift recovery time for efficacy 
  • Optimum 150 PSI pressure 


  • The 25-feet power cable might be an overkill


It has a short recovery period when running at 90 PSI, which is essential regardless of your task.

Best Cordless: DeWalt DCC2560T1

The DCC2560T1 air compressor is lightweight and highly functional. It has a 2.5-gallon tank, delivering optimal convenience when working. Additionally, this cordless air compressor effortlessly attains up to 1220 nails on a single charge. 

Like all DeWalt tools, this incredible machine will undoubtedly get the job done. It delivers an impressive power amount for such a compact air compressor. Its brushless motor operates efficiently and works in tandem with the 2.5-gallon tank to compress air to up to 135 PSI. 

While the PSI is a bit low compared to the other units in this review, it is sufficient to handle the delicate tasks in your auto shop. That said, the pump is a heavy-duty version that conveniently delivers the cordless air compressor experience. At the same time, the one-turn regulator allows you to adjust specific pressure faster than other compressors within its category. 

Again, to save time, this compressor can attain up to 1220 nails when fully charged. I used it on various projects, including window casing, deck lattice, and molding, and found that it worked with extreme precision, which is among the many reasons it made its way into this review. 

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Why it stands out

The one thing that makes the DeWalt DCC2560T1 stand out is the fact that it's cordless. As pointed out, this machine will deliver the power of a corded drill and the convenience of a cordless drill. 

Rating by features 

Value for money 4.0

Battery life 4.2

Portability 4.6 

Lightweight 4.4

DeWalt DCC2560T1 Pros and Cons


  • The Lithium-Ion batteries deliver continuous power. 
  • Excellent engine economy
  • Lightweight, thus highly portable
  • Good value for money


  • Not ideal for demanding tasks 


So, if you're searching for a cordless air compressor with the efficiency of a corded one, this is the way to go.

In conclusion

To wrap it up, the SAQ-12018 is the best air compressor for air tools, thanks to its quiet operation, affordability, and lifetime warranty. While it is the heaviest unit I've reviewed, it does have wheels, facilitating portability. 

Besides, it will effortlessly finalize any demanding or light tasks, thanks to its 20-gallon tank that delivers 150 PSI for maximum efficiency. 

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